Early Childhood Care and Development

Cottage Industries

Developing small local businesses that serve their communities

Making block toysThere are currently five Cottage Industries, which use the Yinthway Foundation store as their sales outlet:

  • Zion Disabled Women’s Development Center – Producers of the wooden play/learning materials. They began as a group of about 7 women in one of the poor wards of Yangon. There are now about 15 women in the group.
  • Zaw Nyi Naung – Producers of the rubber puzzles and plastic constructions materials. The woman who runs it is a widow with 7 children.
  • Home Sweet Home – a Karen youth group which makes wooden puzzles for children of different ages.
  • Shwe Yong Galay – producers of the pre-reading and pre-math box games, made of laminated cardboard. The games include lotto, bingo, memory and concentration games and various games with dice, etc.
  • Moonlight – a family group. The husband was originally a rickshaw driver, but now makes a living through producing wooden play/learning materials. The quality is not quite as good as the Zion Disabled Group, but the material is also less expensive, so more affordable for the majority of preschools.

Bamboo Playground

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Early Childhood Care and Development