Early Childhood Care and Development

Training Programs Overview

Early Childhood Care and Development Training and Support

What are our Trainings designed to achieve?

  • To assist and network with interested organizations to establish an early childhood program where leaders, parents and preschool teachers will understand and be trained as to how to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all of their children under the age of 8. (This will not only prepare their children for school, but for life-long learning.)
  • To support ECCD trainers technically as they give training to community leaders, parents education facilitators and preschool teachers. This training is based on traditional experiences and knowledge as well as the latest in brain research. It is designed to develop the capacity of caregivers and the community as a whole to provide safe, healthy, nurturing and stimulating environments for children between conception and eight years of age.
  • To develop ECCD teaching learning materials and Information Education Communication (IEC) materials such as videos or CDs, children’s books, posters and other training materials.

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How do we go about it?

  • We identify local strengths and resources and promote them.
  • We develop Training Manuals and other IEC materials.
  • We conduct an Annual 6-day ECCD Conference in March for all interested ECCD Trainers in Myanmar, including a keynote speech and skill building workshops, as well as time for trainers to network with each other.
  • We continuously identify and train active trainees as a means to increase the pool of qualified trainers in the country.

What types of Trainings do we conduct?

We have designed and field-tested, together with our partners, 7 types of trainings which are being used all over the country:

  1. 1-3 day awareness seminar – basically used for advocacy.
  2. 4 day Preparatory Seminar for the leaders of communities interested in starting early childhood activities. It includes an introduction to child development, why the early years are important, how children learn, what types of interventions are possible to support the holistic development of children in the community, etc.
  3. 7 day parent education training for 2 volunteers from each community.
  4. 1 month teacher training for 2 preschool teachers from each community, including at least one week of practice teaching.
  5. 4 day management committee training for 2 committee members from each community to understand practically how to manage the early childhood initiatives in the community.
  6. 1 week refresher (or in-service) training for preschool teachers, after they have been practicing for 2 years.
  7. 3 day toymaking workshop for parents/community members and preschool teachers to learn how to make appropriate play/learning materials from their own environment, for their pre-schools.

What materials do we provide?

  • ECCD Training Manuals and IEC materials available at Yinthway Foundation
  • Training Manuals and videos for our 6 Training Programs:
    • Preparatory Seminar
    • One month ECCD teacher training
    • Parent Education Facilitator Training
    • ECCD Management Committee Training
    • Refresher Training
    • Toy Making Training/Workshop
  • 85 Myanmar children’s books (including folk tales and bilingual books)
  • ECCD Handbooks:
    • ECCD Trainer’s handbook
    • Parental Facilitator handbook
    • Toy Making handbook
  • Posters, games, cassettes (Nursery Songs)
  • Ongoing technical – and some material – support of the ECCD trainings conducted by various organizations
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Early Childhood Care and Development